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The Best Time to Cruise the Caribbean

Imagine yourself sunbathing with your toes encircling the sand as you stare into the deep blue ocean and feel the bristle of wind from the swaying palm trees. Well, drinks up! Here are some of the absolute best times to cruise the Caribbean and avoid encountering lousy weather.

What’s the best month to visit?

You can go to the Caribbean year-round, but if you’re looking for pristine, pleasant weather, aim to visit in May. You can find incredible cruise deals during this time as summer travel hasn’t kicked off and the weather isn’t sultry and hot. The sunny days and cool evenings are perfect for enjoying as you sip on a cocktail and catch a gorgeous sunset.

Cozumel has amazing weather with over 11 hours of sunlight daily. There are also dozens of water sports available to partake in, so don’t miss out on the beautiful blue Caribbean sea adventures.

October is also a great month to go on a cruise if you’re looking to save money and catch a good deal. There are special offers and discounts available such as plentiful beverage packages and onboard credit.

What season is cruising season?

December through April is the peak season for Caribbean cruising as it offers the best weather conditions and holidays/festival season. However, you can still take advantage of different perks for any time of the year you decide to visit. Here are some highlights for each season so you can make the most out of any time you’re able to go!

Winter Cruises:

Cruising to the sunny Caribbean would be a fantastic way to avoid harsh cold winter weather. The weather is usually around the mid-70s to low 80s with very low humidity, and it’s also a dry season, so chances of rainfall are very unlikely. There are also great deals available as the holiday season is wrapped up, and most people head back to work.

Spring Cruises:

During this season, most of the rush is divided between spring breakers and families. It’s best to book as soon as possible because prices tend to rise during this popular season. The weather is still blissfully beautiful with a lot of fun in the sun!

Summer Cruises:

You’ll be able to enjoy more isolated and less crowded beaches and restaurants during June, July, and August. Although, the weather can get pretty high and humid, with islands reaching over 90 degrees. The chances of rain also increase, so don’t forget your rain poncho.

Fall Cruises:

If you’re looking for the best deals, look for a cruise during this period. If you don’t have an issue with the unpredictable weather, the Caribbean can be a great place to be as the temperatures tend to be warm with small crowds and very low fares.

Holiday Cruises:

Holiday cruises fill up extremely quickly, so it’s best to book as soon as possible to get the dining reservations and shore excursions that you’ll want. We love to recommend Celebrity Cruises Christmas itineraries with beautiful Christmas decorations, carolers, live music, traditional Christmas food, and heart-warming Christmas spirit.

Best Time to Cruise to Eastern & Western Caribbean?

Consider traveling during peak season (December through April) to experience the gorgeous weather in the Eastern and Western Caribbean! You’ll be able to see the Mayan ruins, tropical rainforests and relax on the powdery white beaches without worrying whether or not it’ll rain!

Consider booking a June cruise to the Eastern Caribbean to combine warm temperatures and lower chances of rainfall. Island weather tends to be much more humid during July, August, and September but perfect if you prefer fewer tourists to get a more relaxing onboard cruising experience.

What about South Caribbean?

The best time would be near May, where it is the best weather with fewer crowds. Go snorkel and scuba on the gorgeous spots of Kralendijk, Bonaire, and enjoy the crystal blue waters.

There is never a “perfect” time to book a cruise. Every season is beautifully unique and a different experience! Ready to book your cruise? Start by filling out our DESIGN MY TRIP form!


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