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Carrie Griffin

Travel Advisor


Phone: 785-550-5427

Specialties: Cruises, Disney, Luxury Domestic Travel and All-Inclusive Vacations

Growing up with parents who placed great importance on family time and travel, I quickly became enamored at a young age with learning about new cultures, trying new foods, and immersing myself in places that were far different than my home in Kansas. As an adult, I journeyed extensively with my favorite travel companion, my husband, for twelve years before we welcomed my daughter to our little family. As a parent myself now, I recognize what my parents knew: that time is so very precious, and travel is an excellent way to stop time for a moment and savor the beautiful life that we have.


I look forward to helping create beautiful memories for your family.


Fun Facts About Carrie

1. I am a huge animal lover and will go out of my way to pet every cute creature I see.

2. I've been to all of the Hawaiian islands, but the Big Island captured my heart the most.

3. Before my career in travel, I owned a daycare/preschool and taught children for twelve years.

4. My absolute favorite vacation I've taken was an Alaskan cruise followed by a week in Fairbanks.

5. I traveled in an RV for a few years all over the US and Canada with my husband and daughter.

Let's Work Together

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