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Meet Rose Woolsey

Founder & Travel Advisor

A native of land-locked Kansas, I first fell in love with travel in my ‘20’s during a month-long stay in Hawaii. Since then, I’ve traveled to sun-kissed locales all around the world (and try to get back to Hawaii as often as possible!). 


Today, though, my vacations look a little different, as I’m often accompanied by my favorite travel companion: my preschool daughter. Yes, my island escapes aren’t quite as carefree with a four-year-old in tow … but I wouldn’t change our trips for the world. 

Because traveling with your family isn’t just about taking a much-needed vacation—it’s about giving your full attention to the ones you love most. Our schedules at home are so hectic that it’s almost impossible to enjoy uninterrupted quality time together; we’re always rushing from work, picking up the kids from school or preschool, scooting dinner on the table, and attending to the million other things that make up our days.


But when we travel, all that fades into the background. Every meal, every discovery, every special moment is spent together. 


At Where to Go Travel Co, I want to provide my clients with the same thrill I get when I see my own daughter grow so excited as we hop on rides at Disney World or discover someplace new, together. That excitement is infectious—and it builds memories that last a lifetime.


So I invite you to trust your travels to me. As a former microbiologist, I take an analytical approach to planning your vacation, thoughtfully and thoroughly bringing together all the details for a seamless journey. Whether you’re after a Hawaii adventure, resort escape, or Disney getaway, your family deserves to embark on a vacation that leaves the stress behind and brings out cherished moments together.

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