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Hawaii All-Inclusive Resorts

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

The most important decision you will make when planning your vacation is your choosing your accommodations. You could choose one of the many fine resorts because you want a lavish pool, room service, housekeeping, a convenient onsite spa, and restaurant choices. Or you might be looking for a vacation home with a common area and kitchen to entertain a larger family or group. Hawaii has an overwhelming amount of luxurious accommodation options. But did you know Hawaii doesn't have any all-inclusive resorts? (Well… there are a handful of exceptions. I'll explain one below). This fact comes as a shock to travelers who are used to the all-inclusive travel lifestyle in Mexico and the Caribbean.

Explore, discover, experience.

When travelers experience Hawaii, they want to do just that… experience Hawaii. Planning your vacation around an all-inclusive resort can mean less spontaneity and exploration. At an AI, you're limited to the restaurants, beaches, and activities that the resort has to offer.

Taking short day trips to different parts of the island, finding gorgeous hidden beaches, discovering countless waterfalls, stopping to explore the quaint town and the local shops and restaurants… this is how you explore Hawaii.

Hawaii is incredibly easy to get around and safe to explore on your own (or you can hire a guide.) You will want to rent a car so you can fully enjoy the island.


One exception to this is the all-inclusive Sensei Lanai, a remote luxury health and wellness retreat on the island of Lanai. They offer packages that include a flight (from Honolulu), all meals, planned wellness activities, and spa treatments.

A small handful of other resorts offer "pay one price" deals that will include three meals/day, but you will definitely want to leave the resort to try different restaurants due to the ease of getting around.

With so many options to choose from, people often feel overwhelmed and confused when deciding where they will lay their head at night. When you work with Where To Go Travel Co, you won't be left wondering if you made the right choice for accommodations. You'll be confident and excited about your choice! You'll also know about fees that people are often surprised with, like "resort fees" that get paid to the resort directly and those annoying extra fees payable directly to the rental car company. My clients know these costs upfront, so they are more prepared than other travelers.

If the time is right for you to start planning your Hawaii vacation, reach out via phone or email to see if we're a good fit to work together!


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