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5 Most Romantic Things to Do on Maui

Updated: Mar 5

Maui, with its enchanting landscapes and captivating adventures, stands as a testament to romance. Whether you're celebrating your honeymoon, an anniversary, or simply seeking a romantic getaway, Maui offers a plethora of activities that will elevate your experience. Let's explore some of the most romantic pursuits the island has to offer:

1. Take in a breathtaking sunrise on Haleakala

Honeymoon couple watching the sunrise on Haleakala, Maui, Hawaii

Embark on an unforgettable journey to witness the sunrise from the summit of Haleakala, standing at a breathtaking 10,000 feet. The canvas of colors – hues of orange, red, and yellow unveiling the land and sea below – creates a moment that is truly extraordinary. For a stress-free experience, consider a guided tour, where a local guide weaves the island's history, facts, and stories as you ascend.

Pro tip: Schedule this early in your trip to conquer the early wake-up call and make it a magical start to your Maui adventure.

2. Swim under a waterfall

Waterfall in Maui

Immerse yourselves in the refreshing embrace of a waterfall, surrounded by the lush beauty of a Hawaiian rainforest. The allure of a waterfall swim is undeniably romantic, but choosing the right one requires some planning. Be cautious of falling rocks, and let the natural beauty of the cascading waters create a lasting memory.

3. Enjoy a beachside Luau

Beachside Luau in Maui

No visit to Hawaii is complete without experiencing a traditional luau. Amidst soulful Hawaiian music, cultural performances, and the tantalizing aroma of island cuisine, a beachside luau is a romantic feast for the senses. Ladies, anticipate a delightful flower for your hair – wear it on the right if you're single, and on the left if you're taken. With a Mai Tai in hand and a plate of Hawaiian delicacies, relax and immerse yourselves in the rich cultural tapestry of the islands.

4. Watch the sunset

Sunset on beach, Maui

Indulge in the romantic hues of a Maui sunset – a perfect culmination to your day. Whether enjoyed from the sandy beaches with the gentle symphony of waves or aboard a boat on a sunset cruise, the magic of a Maui sunset sets the stage for a romantic evening.

5. Stargazing

Under Maui's crystal-clear skies, embark on a celestial journey through a night of stargazing. Venture to Haleakala State Park for a lesson in constellations, wrapped in each other's warmth. If the allure of Maui's beaches keeps you closer to the coast, opt for the rooftop astronomy program at the Hyatt in Kaanapali The special Romance Tour at 10 pm comes complete with sparkling wine and chocolate strawberries.

Whether strolling along the shoreline or exploring upcountry Maui, every moment on the island resonates with romance. As a certified Maui specialist and Hawaii destination expert, I'm here to guide you to the most romantic spots for your next vacation. As a Romance Travel Specialist, I am passionate about curating dream honeymoons and unforgettable getaways for couples in love. Allow me to turn your Maui dreams into a reality.



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