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What to Expect On Your First Cruise

Updated: Jan 27

So you’ve booked your cruise, and now you’re wondering what the next step is. It’s time to get ready for a voyage as a first-time cruiser, and we’ve got all the tips to help you be prepared and confident, ready to sail into the horizon!

Gather your documents

You always want to bring any travel documents on any trip, just in case. This is super important for traveling internationally as passports and advance travel visas may be mandatory. Also, consider buying travel insurance in case any emergency comes up. Another helpful tip is to fill out pre-departure forms and questionnaires to make onboarding easy, breezy, and effortless!

Pack Smart

Make sure to have a cruise packing checklist to help ensure that you won’t forget any essential items. Check departure weather and plan accordingly for your short excursions and onboard activities. Make sure you bring many comfortable clothes, especially footwear as you may be walking all over the boat/destinations.

Checking In At The Port

You’ve packed, and the day is finally here. The number one rule for arrival is don’t be late! You may be denied boarding or even miss the boat! If the cruise departure port is not within a reasonable distance, consider arriving a day early and book a nearby hotel to avoid last-minute stress and easy onboarding. You’ll go through security clearance and present travel documents for check-in.

Getting Settled

The crew will be on deck to greet and assist with any questions you have. After settling into your stateroom, head to the dining venue for a bite to eat or consult with the ship’s daily program for daily activities and entertainment. One main event is the sail-away party with live music and drinks as you pull out of the port and out to the sea.

Pre-book activities before leaving home

You’re able to pre-book different dining reservations, shore excursions, and more before you even get on the boat! This advance planning will give you time to fit in anything you want.

Go Cashless

Cruises are generally a cashless place, so there’s no need to carry your wallet. Your stateroom key becomes your onboard charge card, and usually, drinks, Wi-Fi, and tips are included.

Leave Cell Service Behind and Disconnect!

Contact your cell phone service to get information on any roaming plans they will offer because your regular service will not cover you once you’re out in the sea. If you want to disconnect, turn off your phone or set it on airplane mode! You’ll be more in the moment, I promise.

Get ready, sail, and enjoy your cruise! For help selecting a cruise, room category, and everything in between, work with us! We'd love to help guide you to your perfect cruise.


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