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Travel Checklist: How to Prep for Your Next Trip

Updated: Mar 15

Now that you've booked your next vacation, it's time to start preparing!

To make your trip a smooth and enjoyable experience, it’s essential to start preparing well in advance. Bookmark this post and use it as a timeline and reminder so you don't stress and leave everything until the last minute. And if you booked your trip with Where To Go Travel Co, you'll get trip prep emails to remind you of these things along the way.

I'll cover what you should be thinking about at 90 days, 60 days, 30 days, and last-minute tasks to make returning to your home as enjoyable as possible.

Travel Checklist: 90 Days Before Vacation

With your departure date on the horizon, the time has come to start making all the necessary preparations for your upcoming trip.

✔️ Make sure you have all the major components of your trip booked (flights, hotel, car, travel insurance, and any booked excursions/tours)

✔️ Start hitting the gym so you're feeling and looking your best while you're on vacation

✔️ Check Passports and entry requirements at Sherpa

✔️ Make sure your passport is in good condition and not expired (some countries require six months' validity after your return date)

✔️ Apply for TSA Precheck or Global Entry

✔️ Enroll in the State Departments Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)

✔️ If you are renting a car, visit your local AAA to get your international driver’s license

✔️ Download Duo Lingo or Babbel to start learning some words and phrases

Travel Checklist: 60 Days Before Vacation

As the countdown to your trip continues, the excitement must be growing. It's time to start preparing and getting organized.

✔️ Consider booking any excursions/tours/activities you have your heart set on

✔️ Schedule a health checkup with your doctor if you have any concerns or medications you'll need to get refills for before you leave

✔️ Purchase any new items you might need for your trip (plug adapters, reef-safe sunscreen, new shoes to break in, new swimsuit)

✔️ Find a house-sitter and make arrangements for animals

✔️ Make any beauty appointments you want to have before travel (hair, nails, etc.)

✔️ Pick up any travel-sized items you may need

✔️ Cruise line specific- complete online check-in and make sure you have shows, dining, spa, and excursions booked

Travel Checklist: 30 Days Before Vacation

The countdown to your trip is on!

✔️ Fill in the holes in the itinerary with ideas for things you want to see & do (museums, hikes, beaches, restaurants). Make reservations if needed.

✔️ Reconfirm all of your bookings (We do this for you if you booked with us.)

✔️ Do you have transportation to the airport? If you want a driver, it's time to arrange that

✔️ Check with your cell phone provider if you have international data in your plan. If not, you may want to activate this feature before traveling.

✔️ Notify your bank and credit card issuer that you are traveling to avoid any disruption to service. Note: Discover is rarely accepted outside of the US.

✔️ Schedule bill payments online

✔️ Start thinking about what to pack

✔️ Schedule a temporary mail hold

✔️ Order currency from your local bank (if necessary)

✔️ Refill prescriptions

Travel Checklist: 7 Days Before Vacation

Your departure date is almost here, and it's time to start the final preparations for your upcoming journey.

✔️ Get small bills for tipping

✔️ Make a copy of your passport(s) to leave with someone at home

✔️ Download the airline app and add your reservation

✔️ Schedule your out-of-office message

✔️ Make sure there are no old flight stickers or tags on your luggage

✔️ Check the weather

✔️ Reconfirm house and pet sitter arrangements

✔️ Pick up shelf-stable groceries (frozen meals work great) for when you return (the last thing you're going to want to do is a grocery run)

Travel Checklist: 1-2 Days Before Vacation

With all the work you did to prepare for your vacation, it's smooth sailing now! Just a few more things to do will ensure coming home is a little easier.

✔️ Put clean sheets on your bed and fresh towels in the bathroom- your future self will thank you!

✔️ Clean out the fridge and take out the trash

✔️ Throw any unused bread in the freezer

✔️ Check to make sure nothing is in the washer- mildewy clothes are the worst!

✔️ Set your A/C or heating temp for vacation

✔️ Make sure the coffee pot is empty (the grinds will grow mold quickly!)

✔️ Unplug any unnecessary items, like the coffee pot, toaster, hair straightener, etc.

✔️ Finish packing and make a list of last-minute items to throw in the suitcase

✔️ Charge your devices

✔️ Check in for your flights!

While this seems like a lot to do, if you stick to the timeline, you won't be overwhelmed! Doing these things will ensure you sail into your vacation stress-free.


Don't have your next adventure planned? We would love to help! Working with Where To Go Travel Co for your next vacation means:

  • You won't have to spend countless hours sifting through websites, guidebooks, family travel forums, or posts on social media to figure out your options...

  • You won't have to call an 800 number and talk to a stranger if you have issues...

  • You won't fret about FOMO or waste your vacation investment on a "cookie cutter" trip that's just not the right fit for your family...

  • You will be able to relax and know that all the details have been taken care of for you.

Just tell us where to go, and we'll get you there with total ease.


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