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Set Sail on the Perfect Cruise! Top Tips for Choosing Your Next Adventure

Updated: Jun 24

Want to plan a cruise but not sure where to start?

Love cruising but eager to try a new cruise line or destination?

Use these tips to guide you to your next unforgettable adventure. And when you're ready to plan, don’t hesitate to reach out.

At Where To Go Travel Co, we have access to exclusive pricing and amenities not available to the public, ensuring you get the best value and experience. Let us guide you to your next cruise adventure!

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Here are our top tips to help you select the cruise that's just right for you:

1. Define Your Perfect Destination

The world is your oyster, so where will your adventure take you? Think about the type of scenery and climate that excites you. Do you imagine basking in the Caribbean sun, exploring the rugged beauty of Alaskan glaciers, or soaking up the culture and history of Mediterranean marvels? Deciding on your dream destination is the first step in narrowing down your options.

2. Consider the Cruise Line Vibe

Each cruise line has its own unique personality and ambiance. Here’s a closer look at some of the cruise lines we sell and who they’re a perfect match for:

Disney Cruise Line

  • Vibe: Family-friendly, magical, and luxurious.

  • Perfect For: Families with young children, Disney enthusiasts, and luxury travelers.

  • Highlights: Excellent kids clubs, character meet-and-greets, Broadway-style shows, and family-oriented amenities.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

  • Vibe: Adventurous, family-friendly, and action-packed.

  • Perfect For: Families, adventure seekers, and those looking for diverse activities.

  • Highlights: Large ships, rock climbing walls, surfing simulators, varied entertainment, and a broad range of destinations.

Celebrity Cruises

  • Vibe: Upscale, modern, and sophisticated.

  • Perfect For: Couples, adults, and luxury travelers.

  • Highlights: Gourmet dining, stylish design, wellness programs, and destination-focused itineraries.

Virgin Voyages

  • Vibe: Modern, trendy, and vibrant.

  • Perfect For: Adults only, young adults, and couples.

  • Highlights: Focus on wellness and fitness, unique dining experiences, and lively nightlife.

Viking Ocean Cruise

  • Vibe: Cultural, inclusive, and intimate.

  • Perfect For: Mature travelers and cultural enthusiasts.

  • Highlights: Smaller ships, no kids under 18, destination-focused itineraries, and inclusive pricing.

Regent Seven Seas

  • Vibe: Luxurious, personalized, and immersive.

  • Perfect For: Luxury travelers and mature couples.

  • Highlights: All-inclusive pricing, spacious suites, personalized service, gourmet dining, and immersive shore excursions.

Princess Cruise Line

  • Vibe: Relaxed, cultural, and enriching.

  • Perfect For: Mature travelers, couples, and destination enthusiasts.

  • Highlights: Cultural immersion, lectures, variety of shore excursions, and a relaxed atmosphere.

Oceania Cruises

  • Vibe: Culinary-focused, luxurious, and intimate.

  • Perfect For: Food and wine enthusiasts, mature couples, and luxury travelers.

  • Highlights: Focus on gourmet cuisine, smaller ships, destination-rich itineraries, and immersive shore excursions.

Choosing the right cruise line can significantly enhance your vacation experience. Each offers a unique blend of amenities and activities tailored to different travel styles and preferences.

3. Itinerary Insight

Take a close look at the cruise itinerary. Check the ports of call and the amount of time you'll spend at each destination. Do you prefer more days at sea to relax and enjoy the ship's amenities, or do you want to maximize your time exploring different cities and cultures? Make sure the itinerary aligns with your interests and travel goals.

4. Cabin Comfort

Your cabin will be your home away from home, so choose wisely! Options range from cozy interior rooms to luxurious suites with private balconies. Consider how much time you'll spend in your cabin and what kind of amenities are important to you. If you enjoy waking up to stunning ocean views, a balcony cabin might be worth the splurge.

5. Onboard Activities & Amenities

Cruise ships are like floating cities, offering a wide array of activities and amenities. Are you a foodie eager to try gourmet dining, a spa lover looking to unwind, or a thrill-seeker craving water slides and rock climbing walls? Check out the dining options, entertainment, and activities available on board to ensure they match your interests and enhance your cruise experience.

6. Travel Dates & Duration

Aligning your travel dates with the cruise duration is crucial. Are you looking for a quick getaway to recharge, or an extended escape to truly unwind and explore? Cruises can range from weekend trips to multi-week adventures, so choose one that fits your schedule and satisfies your wanderlust.

7. Budget Smart

Cruising can be a great value, but it's essential to consider the total cost. Factor in not just the cruise fare, but also expenses for excursions, drinks, tips, and any additional activities. Look for deals and packages that offer the best value without compromising your experience. Working with your preferred Travel Agency can save you a lot of money when planning a cruise vacation.

Where To Go Travel Co has access to cruise pricing & amenities not available to the public, such as free onboard credit, cabin upgrades, or included gratuities, which can make a big difference.

Reach out today to plan your next cruise adventure!

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