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St. Lucia- A Great Destination for Your Next Girls Getaway!

Caribbean islands are a sought-after vacation destination, and St. Lucia is one of the most desired. Referred to as the “Hawaii of the Caribbean,” St. Lucia offers travelers beautiful coastlines, sandy beaches, and luxurious accommodations, with a twist of adventure. With a rich history, there is plenty for you to see and learn about.

In this article, I tell you why St. Lucia should be your next holiday destination for a luxurious girlfriend getaway!

Lush Scenery

Nothing makes a girls’ getaway more memorable than scenic views, and there are very few places more beautiful than Saint Lucia.

From the two mountainous volcanic plugs in the sea known as Pitons to the fine-grain sandy beaches, you’ll be surrounded by beauty. The Pitons of St. Lucia are known as some of the best scenery in the entire Caribbean.

The beaches are also some of the most beautiful in the world. Coconut palms and banana trees dot the light-brown volcanic sand, and this would be a wonderful place to capture memories by hiring a local photographer.


St. Lucia is an island country, and island countries are known for their calm and slow pace of life. However, St. Lucia has an active nightlife. Hang out with your girls at local bars and take part in a bar-hopping tour led by a team of lively and qualified guides who will chauffeur you to four different parties through the night.

Remember to stick with your group at all times for your safety and security. The stops will include; Boardwalk Bar, Irie Bar, Village Gate Bar, and Rodney Bay.

Apart from the bar tour, a street party is organized every Friday and is known as the Gros Islet Street Party!

Luxury Accommodation

Stay at one of several adults-only all-inclusive resorts or chose a luxury spa retreat.

The Sugar Beach Resort is the envy of all other hoteliers in the country. Located in pristine rainforest, overlooking the ocean just near the beach, you will have easy access to the water.

The hotel has a unique transportation method to transport guests from one location to the other. Take a tuk-tuk ride from your villa all the way to your favorite restaurant. Apart from the amazing location and wonderful service, the spa is one of its selling points. Be sure to enjoy a few spa treatments while there. There’s no better time to feel like a princess than when you are on vacation.


Apart from walks on the fine sandy beach, there are many activities to enjoy.

The Soufriere catamaran is an experience I highly recommend. This tour will take you through delightful fishing villages, give you a clear glimpse of the Pitons. At your stop, you will take a leisurely walk through flower gardens. You will also have the opportunity to witness the locals harvesting cocoa and see how sugar syrup is made. If you are looking for a unique experience, you will also be able to take mud baths at the Toraille Waterfalls and take a tour through one of the few drive-in volcanic springs in the world.

Another unique and fun activity is a Chocolate Decadence Tour. It starts with a catamaran ride to Hotel Chocolat where you will enjoy a food menu in which every item has incorporated cocoa. The tour also includes a dip in a therapeutic mud bath, snorkeling, and learning about chocolate and island history along the way.

Sound delightful?

To narrow down your options and plan the perfect itinerary for your next girlfriend getaway, give me a call or shoot me an email today!

When you work with Where To Go Travel Co, I make sure you get the best rooms, with the best views and service. I ensure that planning your trip is as easy as laying on those gorgeous St. Lucian beaches!

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