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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Next Vacation

2020 has coined the term "revenge travel"- splurging on your next vacation because you've been deprived of travel for so long.

If you're looking for some ideas on how to get your revenge, look no further! Here are the best ways to take your vacation from "just ok" to the vacation you've dreamed of.

1. Room Upgrade

The choice of where to lay your head at night can make or break a vacation. To ensure you get the vacation you've dreamed of, upgrade your accommodations to the luxury resort that caters to the more discerning traveler. Enjoy amenities like infinity pools with ocean views, five-star restaurants, and private butler service. Make sure to snag an oceanfront room (not ocean view), so you can wake up to a gorgeous unobstructed ocean view every morning.

2. Spa Treatments

Reset and recharge your body and mind at a world-class spa. Enjoy a massage or renew your skin with a facial or body treatment. If you crave an even deeper escape, then book time at a health and wellness retreat. Here, you will be guided to complement your spa treatments with additional programs and experiences like yoga and meditation.

Whether you book an afternoon at a spa or immerse yourself in a health and wellness retreat, you'll be sure to return home restored and rejuvenated.

3. Fly First Class

Make the journey part of the vacation by upgrading your seats so you can stretch out and be pampered while you travel. Flying first class comes with many perks. Besides more room to stretch your legs, you'll enjoy better food and drinks, more choices for entertainment, and a bathroom you likely won't have to wait in line for. (Warning- once you fly first class, you won't ever want to go back.)

4. Car upgrade

Upgrade to a convertible and travel in style, with the wind in your hair and the sun on your back! If you're going to an all-inclusive, then upgrade to a private luxury transfer. Enjoy a glass of bubbly on your way to the resort.

5. Add a few days

Tack a couple of days on to your itinerary for relaxing, to squeeze in a few extra activities, or do an island hop! YOLO- am I right?! You've waited so long for this trip—make it last a little longer! Nobody ever says, my vacation was too long… and if they did, it's because they didn't use a travel agent!

If you're ready to get your "revenge trip" on the books, reach out to me here. Working with Where To Go Travel Co is your best bet for getting the vacation you've been dreaming of. We create vacations for our clients that they love bragging to their friends about.

Book a consultation today to learn about how we can help you.


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