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We provide exceptional and complete vacation planning services to clients who desire unique, well-thought-out itineraries for their Hawaiian vacation without having to spend hours upon hours researching.


Our passion for people and helping each client achieve their unique vision for their ideal vacation drives us to collaborate with the highest level of trade professionals and travel resources. We are committed to continued education and staying up-to-date with current technology and trends in our industry.

Our experience, expertise, and professionalism allow us to consistently help our clients get the vacation they're dreaming of.


We understand that every vacation is as unique as each traveler, and that is why we are committed to being flexible and dedicated to considering your needs above all else. 

Our planning process is the general framework of what to expect throughout the planning stages and execution of your vacation. Our process is very streamlined so that you know what to expect each time you use our service and so we never miss a step.

Plan My Trip form

The first step in working with us is filling out our highly detailed form that captures most of the information we need to understand the type of trip you want to plan and what type of traveler you are. This information is all very helpful when designing a unique travel experience for you! Whether you want the quintessential Hawaiian vacation or something a little less traveled, you'll be able to let us know in the form.


Consultation with Rose Woolsey

After reviewing your form, we'll reach out to schedule your complimentary consultation with your Travel Advisor, Rose. You'll be able to choose a phone call or Zoom. This consultation is a great opportunity to get to know each other and understand your needs better, and an opportunity to discuss initial ideas, which we take time to develop later into a custom design plan tailor-made for your specific needs.


Research & Planning Fee

After our consultation, and we have mutually agreed to move to the next phase, we prepare and send you a secure link to pay our Research and Planning Fee. Our fee is based on the complexity of your trip and averages $100 per trip. You can view our fees HERE. This is the only fee you pay us. Even though you submit payment to us for your trip, we directly pay your travel suppliers (airlines, resorts, tours, etc.) for your trip. Every payment you make after the Research and Planning fee goes directly towards your reservation. 


Itinerary Proposal, Quotes, and Estimates

This is the exciting part of the process! The initial concepts we discussed with you at the consultation start to take shape and develop into a vacation proposal. This is where we put together flights, resort options, activities, and more. We will not overwhelm you with too many options. We bring the ones that will work for you because we have taken the time to listen. Our proposals generally consist of two (sometimes three) accommodation options that we think you'll love.

We also throw in a couple of activities we think you'll be interested in to give you a better idea of what your vacation will look like. We don't need to plan everything immediately, but we will want to go ahead and book the major activities you know you want to do, so we don't risk them selling out.


Making your selection

After making your selection, we will send you our secure link to pay the deposit on your trip, which will confirm your reservations for your vacation package. 


The fun part

After reserving your flights, accommodations, and transportation, now we get to plan all the fun day-to-day details and activities. We will give you our suggestions for booked activities (so you don't waste your money on activities that don't live up to the hype), help you navigate park passes (what areas of the island and activities need permits and when you need to reserve them), which beaches you should definitely not miss, and our favorite- where to eat!


Depart and leave your worries behind

By the time you leave for your vacation, you'll be armed with all of the info you need to feel confident that you won't miss out on something you didn't know about and excited about exploring the island(s) your style! And should you need us while you are away, we are just a text or phone call away. You'll have our contact info at your fingertips.

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