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Each trip we plan is as unique as each traveler. We dive into your interests to design a one-of-a-kind vacation, just for your family!

We book it for you

Once you select your package, we'll reserve and arrange everything from your flights and hotel/resort to transportation, tours, and more.

Make your escape

You'll leave armed with a detailed, seamless itinerary that outlines your entire trip, plus all of our best sightseeing and restaurant recommendations.

We're here for you

If a hiccup arises while you're traveling, don't stress it. Simply reach out to your Travel Agent and we'll get you back to smooth sailing!

Signature Concierge Care

Experience unparalleled support and attention from the inception of your travel dreams until you step back into the comfort of your home. To maintain an exceptional level of personalized service, we deliberately limit the number of clients we take on each month and do charge a nonrefundable research and planning fee, depending on the type of trip we're planning.

Your journey begins with meticulous planning and unwavering support – a testament to our commitment to making every travel experience exceptional.

✈ Thorough Research and Itinerary Planning: Your adventure is meticulously crafted from the day you engage our services until your return to your home airport.

✈ Ongoing Support: Enjoy continuous assistance throughout your experience. We’re available to answer your questions during business hours, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

✈ Detailed Proposal: Receive a detailed proposal tailored to your requests and wish list. This comprehensive document encompasses all essential information, including total package pricing, deposit details, cancellation policy, due dates, and the option for convenient payment plans.

✈ Flexibility for Your Preferences: We understand plans may evolve. You're entitled to up to 2 complimentary changes to the proposal, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your desires.

Proposals & Planning

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We take care of everything you need as your go-to concierge before your vacation.


✈ Transportation: Whether it's trains, rental cars, or private transfers, consider it arranged. We ensure seamless transitions from one destination to the next.


✈ Customs and Immigration: depending on the country, we provide you resources for passport requirements, mandated vaccines, visa or tourist cards, etc.


✈ Personalized recommendations for captivating tours and excursions that align with your travel party's interests and preferences.


✈ Wellness Services: Arrange spa appointments, personal training, private yoga instruction, hiking or fitness options.


✈ Dining: From securing reservations at top-notch restaurants to arranging in home dining experiences, we cater to your culinary desires. Our recommendations for local immersive dining experiences ensure every meal is a memorable one.


✈ Entertainment & Celebrations: Whether it's tickets to shows, sporting events, or arranging special celebrations, we've got you covered for a truly memorable experience.


✈ Upgraded Amenities: Enjoy personalized touches like a specific kind of vehicle, drinks in transit, VIP airport services, or access to exclusive lounges, ensuring your journey is as luxurious as it is comfortable.


✈ Photography: find, arrange and book a photographer on or off property for you and your travel party.


✈ Hidden Gems: we offer insight and off the beaten path itinerary surprises. We go beyond the ordinary to make your travel experience truly extraordinary.

✈ Insurance: We always suggest and quote Travel Insurance to protect your investments.

Added Extras

Know Before You Go

As your departure approaches, we ensure a seamless and worry-free experience by providing you with a wealth of information approximately 3-4 weeks before your adventure begins. Here's what you can anticipate:


✈ Travel Document Preparation: Around 2-3 weeks before your departure, expect to receive crucial travel documents via email. We work with vendors to streamline this process and ensure you have everything you need.


✈ Personalized Touch Base Call: About 2-3 weeks before your vacation, we offer a 30-minute Zoom call to address any last-minute questions, concerns, and to review your documents and itinerary. This personalized touch ensures you embark on your journey with confidence.


✈ Transportation Information: Receive detailed information on your transportation arrangements, including the name of the transfer, contact details, and guidance on how to locate them upon arrival.


✈ Comprehensive Itinerary: Your detailed itinerary, consolidating confirmation details for every tour, transfer, hotel, and itinerary specifics, will be presented in an easy-to-use app for your phone. This allows your itinerary to be accessed even when you’re offline.


✈ Customized Packing List: Based on weather, destination and time of year


✈ Destination Insights: Explore the must-do excursions, recommended restaurants, and hidden gems in your destination. Our curated recommendations add an extra layer of excitement to your adventure.


✈ Apps to Download: Stay connected and informed with a list of essential apps to download, enhancing your travel experience.


✈ Emergency Contact Details for a Worry-Free Trip: You’ll be provided with 24/7 emergency contact information from our vendors offering an extra layer of support during unexpected situations.


✈ VIP Confirmations: 10-12 days before your arrival, we meticulously confirm all details, sending personalized emails to hotels, transfers, and excursions with your information, including any celebrations or allergies. It's our way of ensuring everything is in place for your arrival.


✈ WhatsApp Communication: Stay connected effortlessly by having my emergency WhatsApp information on hand throughout your journey.

We will book your flights with your preferred airlines. If loyalty points are important to you, please let us know in the consultation so we don’t package your flights.


✈ Most airline schedules are available 330 days prior to travel. We recommend securing your airfare 9-10 months before travel, strategically adjusting for seasonal variations. This ensures optimal choices and availability.


✈ We will offer the BEST flight option with appropriate connection times in Main, Business, Premium or First Class per your requests.


✈ We do not book with low cost carriers such as Spirit or Frontier and do not book “basic economy” fares due to their restrictions.


✈ If you have points to use, you’ll have to purchase airfare on your own. Please send me a copy of the airfare you intend to purchase so I may advise on connection times and schedule transportation.


✈ We track your flights during your travel days to ensure your prearranged transportation stays in the loop and we can alert your hotel of a late arrival.


✈ We can assist with airfare issues up until you check in for your flight. After that your airline must assist with all changes


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Please note that until a deposit is placed on the booking, the proposal pricing is dynamic and may change. It is imperative that prior to sending a proposal, you are prepared to place your deposit within 3-5 business days, as it can fluctuate even during that time. Custom itineraries can take up to 2-3 weeks to formulate but once it's done, we need to move quickly.


✈ Deposits: Typically there is a deposit due right away for the hotel, some tours, insurance and full payment of airfare at the time of booking. It does depend on the vendors for extras.


✈ Payment Plan: A customized payment plan can be arranged once the deposit is paid.


✈ Final Payment: Depending on the vendor, it can be due from 2-4 months prior to departure depending on the services we have confirmed.


✈ Aside from our non-refundable Travel Planning and Concierge Care Fee for custom itineraries, your payments go directly to our suppliers/ vendors/ hotels/ airlines/ etc. Your payments do not go into our account, therefore we only accept credit cards (not cash or checks) as payment for your trips.


Things We Do Not Do

✈ No Price Matching with Online Companies: Please note that we do not engage in price matching with online tour companies. Our focus is on delivering value through personalized service and curated experiences. We do shop around when creating your trip to make sure you’re getting every available amenity and the best price available to us. We also work with suppliers that do not work directly with the public.


✈ Package Pricing Breakdown: While I provide a comprehensive package inclusive of various services, I do not present a detailed breakdown of pricing. This approach streamlines the process, allowing you to focus on the exceptional experiences we've curated for your journey.


Your peace of mind is our priority, and we strive to ensure your journey is not just a vacation but a worry-free and enriching experience.

Why Should You Hire a Travel Advisor?


We Can Leverage Industry Relationships & VIP Connections.

They say that connections are everything, right? Not only can a travel advisor provide you with a beautiful itinerary, but they will work to make sure that you get the most value out of your trip. Inside perks, potential upgrades, a special welcome... we know who to call to make it all happen.


We Provide Destination Insights From Local Experts.

It's not what you know, but who. We work with in-destination specialists to provide the most intimate approach to travel planning. If you want true authentic experiences, working with a travel advisor is a definite leg up on the way to your travel goals.


We Save Your Hours Of Time Spent Researching Online.

You know all that time that you already DON'T have on your hands? We get it. Planning a vacation should not be a source of stress or another thing on your task list. Because of our specialist connections, we can put together options efficiently, all while still focusing on your specific style and needs.


We Are An Advocate When There Are Emergencies.

You deserve someone to be in your corner when things go sideways. Avoid hold cues or working through language barriers we will help find solutions when you need them most.


We Provide You The Peace Of Mind You Can't Buy Online.

When you plan you own vacation, it's a bit like hosting your own party...and where's the fun in that? By working with a travel advisor, you can rest assured that someone else is checking all the details for you. Your only job? Kick back, relax, and enjoy your getaway!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will we communicate?


We are happy to connect however is easiest for you. Email, phone, virtual, or in-person meetings are all options. For major decisions, we require email correspondence.


What information do you need to get started?


If you are a new client, we require a phone or zoom consultation. We will ask important questions that will help us get to know you and what type of trip you are looking for.


Will we pay more by working with Where To Go Travel Co?


Our commitment is to always provide you with competitive prices, while still adding our expertise and VIP amenities. The only additional thing you pay for is our Reseaerch and Planning fee, depending on the trip type. For all-inclusive and cruise vacations we do not charge a Research and Planning fee. For trips with fully customized itineraries our fee starts at $249 per trip.


What forms of payment do you accept?


We accept all major credit cards. We do not accept cash or checks.


Who am I paying for my trip?


Except for our Research and Planning fee (which is paid to Where To Go Travel Co), your card will be securely charged by our partners (hotels, suppliers, etc.). We never keep your travel funds.


How far in advance should I book my trip?


Early planning is essential. Six to ten months in advance is ideal. For the best availability and pricing, start planning your trip ten months in advance. If you're traveling with a group or during a holiday, you will need to begin planning about 12 months in advance or more.


Is there a minimum price range to work with you?


We're experts in 4- and 5-star accommodations and experiences. In order to plan trips that meet our quality standards we do have suggested minimum pricepoints. During our consultation we'll discuss what your trip might cost based on destination, time of year, people traveling, and what your goals are. We can help you understand what is required for your trip to decide if we are the best partner for you before you hire us. Our priority is working with hotels that provide the highest level of care. 

For all-inclusive resort stays, we have a minimum trip spend of $500 per adult, per day (not including airfare). 

For fully customized itineraries we have a minimum trip spend of $750 per adult, per day (not including airfare).

For cruises, our expertise and training is with the premium and luxury cruise lines. We offer cruises with Disney Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Regent Seven Seas, and a few other smaller luxury lines.


Is there a fee to plan my trip with Where To Go Travel Co?

Travel research can be time consuming with the overwhelming amount of information that exists on the internet. We have the experience and expertise to save hours of your valuable time. For all-inclusive trips, cruises, and preplanned escorted tours, we don't charge a Research and Planning fee. We are compensated by our supplier partners. For fully customized itineraries, our nonrefundable Research and Planning fee starts at $249 per trip. This fee may increase according to the complexity of the itinerary, the length of travel (more than two weeks, for example), or the total number of travelers (more than one family, a group of friends, etc). 

This fee is the only cost that will be paid directly to Where To Go Travel Co. For all other bookings and reservations, we will book/confirm these details on your behalf using the payment information that you securely share with us.



What if I already know where I want to stay?

Many of our clients only need a hotel and work with us to make the booking. When the hotel is one of our preferred partners, we can sometimes offer better-than published rates and value-added amenities (such as upgrades and complimentary breakfasts).

If you are an existing client and would like us to book your hotel for you, send us an email with dates, names and ages of guests, and the hotel you want us to book.


If we are interested in booking an Airbnb or VRBO, can you recommend options?


We have a variety of preferred partners who provide luxury home and villa rental properties that we are happy to recommend. Service and quality are of the utmost importance to us. The partners we work with have standards, regulations, and processes for vetting and maintaining properties. Services like Airbnb and VRBO cannot provide us with the confidence needed in the properties because there is no standardization or quality control.


Do I need travel insurance?


There are many benefits to purchasing travel insurance! Travel insurance does more than protect your investment should you be unable to take your trip. It can also reimburse you for travel delays and lost or delayed luggage and cover emergency transportation and medical costs while away.

We give all of our clients a quote for travel insurance so they can make an informed decision. 

Will you provide restaurant recommendations?

Food is life, and there’s nothing more important to us than to ensure you will eat well during your travels!

Before you travel, we will provide you with our best restaurant recommendations and help you secure reservations when needed. It's not uncommon for some restaurants to fill up months in advance.

If this is not so important to you or if you prefer a more “go with the flow” style during your travels, no worries, we won’t be offended ;)


Will you provide ideas of things for us to do?



After we book the guided tours and activities (like helicopter flights, boat tours, and other activities that require scheduling), we fill in the other times with sightseeing options and activity suggestions for each day. Fear not- these are only suggestions, and if you'd rather spend your day lounging at the beach or pool rather than taking a hike- that's ok too!


Will you send travel documents in the mail?

We design our proposals and itineraries online. Once your itinerary is confirmed, we’ll send you a link to download an app. This app enables you to access all the details of your itinerary on the go, even without a Wi-Fi connection.

For some trips (and if you request it) we mail you a hard copy as well.


How do I get in touch with Where To Go Travel Co during my travels?

We understand that sometimes things may occur during the daylight hours where you're traveling but it's midnight at our home base. We will give you our supplier partner 24/7 support line and we'll also provide you with our WhatsApp information if you're traveling internationally. We will do everything we can to be available for you during your trip should you need assistance. We are also available via email and will be expeditious in our response if you need our help.

Do you have questions that haven’t been answered here? Please let us know during our consultation call, or email and we’d be happy to answer any additional questions you might have about working together!

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