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A Travel Agency that helps you plan memorable vacations
while providing excellent customer service and support.

There are hundreds of decisions to make when planning a vacation, making the process overwhelming, stressful, and time-consuming. 


It can easily go wrong by choosing the wrong resort, tours, and activities and forgetting essential details, leaving you with feelings of regret and stress, turning your dream vacation into a disappointment. 



It shouldn't be that way. 


When we plan vacations for our clients, they feel confident, supported, in control, and relaxed. They also feel like VIPs knowing that they are getting the best vacation perfectly tailored to their taste and style. If you're going to invest your time and money, you deserve a professional who will thoughtfully help you get the vacation you've been dreaming of.


I highly recommend Rose to plan your next Hawaii trip; I had a vacation from planning the vacation!! She responded to questions quickly and has an abundance of knowledge and suggestion on activities to do while on the islands.

— Nathan D. Lenexa, KS

Luxury romantic Caribbean getaway for lo

Our Process

3 Easy Steps: How We'll Plan Your Custom Island Escape


Step 1: Dive Into Your Dreams


Start by filling out a trip inquiry HERE and we'll send you our planning calendar to schedule your complimentary and no obligation consultation with us! Collecting all the details on your ideal destination, budget, and personal travel preferences during our call will allow us to design a completely customized vacation for you.

Step 2: Design Your Carefree Escape

Next, we'll work with our exclusive industry partners to design a one-of-a-kind escape for you. We will create a proposal that will include a curated selection of resorts/hotels and experiences for you to consider.

Once you select your preferred options and sign off on your proposal, leave all the rest to us- we'll reserve and arrange everything from your flights and hotel/resort to transfers, tours, special interest activities, and more! 

Step 3: Depart- and Leave Your Worries Behind

Now it's time to make your escape- and it's never been easier. You'll leave armed with a detailed, seamless itinerary that outlines your entire trip, plus all of our best sightseeing and restaurant recommendations for you. And if a hiccup arises while you're traveling, don't stress it. Simply reach out to us and we'll get you back to smooth sailing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look and if you have any additional questions, email us at


What exactly do you do?


Where To Go Travel Co is a full-service Travel Agency. We help you choose and book hotels, resorts, flights, tours, transportation, cruises, private villas, yachts, destination weddings, and more! We put together a detailed day-by-day itinerary that includes everything from your flight times to restaurant reservations, so you're never left wondering what to do next.


Why book with us? Why use a Travel Agent?


We help to guide you through making good buying decisions. We also save you time, and bring knowledge and honest feedback during the planning stages. We have built strong partnerships to provide an extra level of care and privileges during your travels. We are here for you in case something goes wrong on your trip.

Your vacation time and money are precious, and we are invested in making sure you have a great vacation. We know the islands inside and out. We are hotel and resort specialists and work hard to personally visit and experience as many properties as possible and build personal connections with 4 and 5-star properties. We know about recent service issues, construction/renovation plans, which rooms have the best views/beaches/pools, and more. We also know how to get amenities, like daily breakfast, added on. We know which activities are worth your time and which ones are tourist traps.

Our clients turn to us to design beautiful dream vacations and be there for them if issues arise when traveling.


How do we plan a trip together?


The first step is to fill out the Trip Inquiry form. Then we'll schedule your complimentary consultation to make sure we are a good fit to work together and gather essential details about what type of trip you are looking for.

We have a detailed process to ensure each client has seamless planning experience. 


How will we communicate?


We are happy to connect however is easiest for you. Email, phone, virtual, or in-person meetings are all options. For major decisions, we require email correspondence.


What information do you need to get started?


If you are a new client, we require a phone or zoom consultation. We will ask important questions that will help us get to know you and what type of trip you are looking for.


Will we pay more by working with Where To Go Travel Co?


Our commitment is to always provide you with competitive prices, while still adding our expertise and VIP amenities. The only additional thing you pay for is our Travel Management fee which ranges from $100-$500, depending on the service level your trip requires.


What forms of payment do you accept?


We accept all major credit cards.


Who am I paying for my trip?


Except for our Travel Management Fee (which is paid to Where To Go Travel Co), your card will be securely charged by our partners (hotels, suppliers, etc.). We never keep your travel funds.


How far in advance should I book my trip?


Early planning is essential. Six to ten months in advance is ideal. For the best availability and pricing, start planning your trip ten months in advance. If you're traveling with a group, you will need to begin planning about 12 months in advance or more.


Is there a minimum price range to work with you?


We do not have a minimum price point as it depends on how many people are traveling, what time of year, and which destination you are planning to visit. We can help you understand what is required for your trip to decide if we are the best partner for you before you hire us. Our priority is working with hotels that provide the highest level of care, which usually equates to 4 and 5-star properties. 

On average, our client's budgets start at $500 per person per day. We can discuss details pertaining to your destination during our consultation call.


What can we expect from Where To Go Travel Co? How long does the process take?


On average, the itinerary design process lasts about a week, from the initial consultation to booking flights and confirming reservations. 

The time it takes to complete each step is variable, and much of it is based on response time from our clients. The sooner we receive your answers and feedback, the quicker we can respond and move on to the next step in the itinerary design process.


Is there a fee to plan my trip with Where To Go Travel Co?

Travel research can be time consuming with the overwhelming amount of information that exists on the internet. We have the experience and expertise to save hours of your valuable time. Our nonrefundable Travel Management fee starts at $100 per trip. This fee may increase according to the complexity of the itinerary, the length of travel (more than two weeks, for example), or the total number of travelers (more than one family, a group of friends, etc). 

This fee is the only cost that will be paid directly to Where To Go Travel Co. For all other bookings and reservations, we will book/confirm these details on your behalf using the payment information that you securely share with us.



What if I already know where I want to stay?

Many of our clients only need a hotel and work with us to make the booking. When the hotel is one of our preferred partners, we can sometimes offer better-than published rates and value-added amenities (such as upgrades and complimentary breakfasts).

If you are an existing client and would like us to book your hotel for you, send us an email with dates, names and ages of guests, and the hotel you want us to book.


If we are interested in booking an Airbnb or VRBO, can you recommend options?


We have a variety of preferred partners who provide luxury home and villa rental properties that we are happy to recommend. Service and quality are of the utmost importance to us. The partners we work with have standards, regulations, and processes for vetting and maintaining properties. Services like Airbnb and VRBO cannot provide us with the confidence needed in the properties because there is no standardization or quality control.


Do I need travel insurance?


There are many benefits to purchasing travel insurance! Travel insurance does more than protect your investment should you be unable to take your trip. It can also reimburse you for travel delays and lost or delayed luggage and cover emergency transportation and medical costs while away.

We give all of our clients a quote for travel insurance so they can make an informed decision. 

Will you provide restaurant recommendations?

Food is life, and there’s nothing more important to us than to ensure you will eat well during your travels!

Before you travel, we will provide you with our best restaurant recommendations and help you secure reservations when needed. It's not uncommon for some restaurants to fill up months in advance.

If this is not so important to you or if you prefer a more “go with the flow” style during your travels, no worries, we won’t be offended ;)


Will you provide ideas of things for us to do?



After we book the guided tours and activities (like helicopter flights, boat tours, and other activities that require scheduling), we fill in the other times with sightseeing options and activity suggestions for each day. Fear not- these are only suggestions, and if you'd rather spend your day lounging at the beach or pool rather than taking a hike- that's ok too!


Will you send travel documents in the mail?

We design our proposals and itineraries online. Once your itinerary is confirmed, we’ll send you a link to download an app. This app enables you to access all the details of your itinerary on the go, even without a Wi-Fi connection.

For some trips (and if you request it) we mail you a hard copy as well.


How do I get in touch with Where To Go Travel Co during my travels?

We understand that sometimes things may occur during the daylight hours where you're traveling but it's midnight at our home base. We will do everything we can to be available for you during your trip should questions arise or you need assistance. We are available via email, and text during off hours and will be expeditious in our response if you need our help.

In addition to reaching out to us, we will always provide emergency contact information for our ground partners in the destination. This contact information is included in the final itinerary sent before your departure.


Do you have questions that haven’t been answered here? Please let us know during our consultation call, or email and we’d be happy to answer any additional questions you might have about working together!

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